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Veil of Thorns History - Manifestation Objective

For this one, I'm letting the music and words speak for the release. This one got some very enthusiastic reactions, but I didn't devote the two years following it to pimping it out. Manifestation Objective got a hundred thousand + free downloads between 2005 and up until I moved the Veil of Thorns site here. You can still stream it for nowt or next to nowt on Mog, Rdio, Spotify etc. but you do help us bring on the next stage of Veil of Thorns, which I can promise you, is leagues beyond anything we've done thus far.

-P. Emerson Williams

Reproach (Full of Hope)

As all came
Crashing down,
We could not help but laugh
Draining blood to function on belief
Factious stream counter to all pleas
Reclaim vision,
Howl like wolves
Learn to love the crack of the lash
Chambers full, envy and returns distorted
On the sharp edge advance changes design

Holy, with indigent longing
Hollow ravenous greed and profits twisted
Resting on the firmament adapts intention
The innocent
Break off,
Contemplating dispersions quelling
Deplete to pour out acts in certainty
Factious blood counters all entreaties 

My Inner Sanctum 

In a shaded doorway
Watching the spirits at play,
Through a cracked and shimmering window to the world;
Through my surprise, welling up in my eyes:
Your soul;
Bleeding, old; a deep well of love:
Sepulchral, cold.

The crowning glory swathed in fear,
The brave action recoiling into futility.
To my knees glancing upward,
There flies pain: mine.

Deep ecstasy traces desire.
Hidden places, lost hold;
No one to sustain reality,
My love erases me.
I turn around to go,
The world around me flows through my body.
The bitter realization contains the happy seed: yes, me.

Weak and stumbling,
Gloriously breathing still dawn’s air,
That part of me now lost forever,
It wanders lonely in the dark.
Battle-weary I remain
Inconsistency remarked,
Though seemingly complete.
The soul bears not
Such vacuous conceit.
God damn you!
How can I bear to see your face?
Your every tear reveals my cowering disgrace.
To my knees, glancing inward:
My inner sanctum.

Exaltation in Ascendancy

Weeping alight, Drawn in too tight
Warnings too late are told in our plight
The haints come with parched, red grins
Celebrate this day our irredeemable sins

Nocturnal professions come into nothingness
Lifts our burdens, becomes our hidden weapons
Wailing by the window in the grief of the proud
Dread failings wrapped around us like shrouds

A soothing breeze, a haunting phrase
Leaks out from behind the gate
Secret passions worn like a medal
Truth be told, trust is never to be shown

Worship of Disclosure

Thought shall inaugurate the fall of fear
The fall eliminate the life that was
The life that was can never have been
Lie turns back on lie; behold
Fear shall die with its slaves
Visions shall lie, telling of the fear of death
Laughter shall erase this carnage of thought

Fear ridden spectres flitting by
Still their fetters bind your soul
Stronghold of corrosion let burst
The floodgates of dead gods desires
Move on by in disgust
Slink through the shadows of infinitude
Killing the will, slipping back
Back to that which never was

In distrust lie the possibilities
That were stillborn in haloed fields
We’ll tear the cities down falsehood by falsehood

Manifestation Objective

Soul fire kisses, a hapless passion
Upon the pulse of the altars of madness
Radiant visage glowing words on flesh
Remembrance of my deaths shadow
Take my hand personified
Leads you down

Bound to the end of time
Strewn about like gravel
Blown like glass
Where lunacy comforts

Draw In, Wind Down

Wheels on wet road greet my waking eyes
Halted by the touch of memory
I smell the rain and hear its song
This bed will not let go of me
Nor the thirsty, feverish day get off me

Draw in, wind down

I still feel the touch of the nocturnal breeze
The seeds are flung at the remains; reasons found

Dream Shadow

Solemn grey – the sky evokes my Angel
Walking in the rain, I’m not alone
White lace, wet lace light and clinging
Clinging to the face of the forest
I want to sleep in the rain, in the snow
Warm and safe under the snows ice hands

I fall and am safe
I sleep and fear the face
I fly and am no more
And am no more

Sleep pulls me down into silken sepulchers
Born away on seas of sound I cry out
A breeze soothes my bitter mind on the crimson plane

Wrapped in those I love
I awaken to dawn caresses
And they are no more 

Can’t stop Laughing (The Beauty of Drowning) 

Souls defied, deep penetration
tearing asunder liquid desire.
Inner strength, all-consuming turmoil
pulls me down, pulls me under the black surface.

For all I love I give you this;
(Christians to the lions).
As we gaze upon the black water;
(you pull me under).
Speak to me of how I love the pain.
I can't stop laughing,
I can't stop laughing!
(The beauty of drowning).

We lie side by side, blowing sparks
gazing into the screaming silence.
Under the birthing moo we pray,
pray to be together for all time.

Undergrowth Silent with Want

Ice like claws languid in the damp
Memory fades, life drifts, blood dries
Spreading out among the leaves
The end begins, birth is everywhere

Embrace of roots; here is everywhere
All life is one – we are here
Lost in forever, hearing, feeling
Seeing all

Fated, Cascading; Submerged

No-one ever thinks about how it’ll end
Line after line gone up in smoke with fire as your only friend
All the thought of a lifetime with no conscious evolution
One cannot recall where it began to slide

Lost beneath the debris
You can no longer tell which way is up
We seem to count on forever
One automatic pull on the lever

The vital engine roars not trusted to deliver
The pain it will subside and make the muscle bigger
Dance victorious on our aching bloody feet
One more time, let’s hear the beat and spread our joy like opened veins

Come, let us wait here hiding beneath the snow
Centuries shall pass maddeningly as we watch them grow
Angels watching over us, attainment purified
Death, rebirth, life death, in snowy spirals fly

Force release virtual discordant hold of defense substitute pale vicinity gliding pseudonyms gravestone figures vitriol leitrim

Extend Inward, Breathe Out

The Gathering World Withdrew Its Fury

Lay me down – I fear no more
The longing is subsiding
I’ve locked the door – I’ve freed my mind
It’s only you and me
It’s time, let’s go

And as the sands of time conspire to erase us
It will be done

Dispersed in flight – we are alone
The vision slowly fades
Close my eyes – choke my cries
Now we’re going home

Necrofuturist Episode 32 - Beastern Crabalistic Sources

The Necrofuturist Illuminati were set up for "gothronomic intriguing rather than in speculation", the Necrofuturist Illuminati became "much more characteristic of a cross-dimensional militia in action than a disorder with initiations." P. Emerson Williams' contempt for certain exoteric pursuits - as a "thing-in-itself" - was widely known: "... in Williams' system the phraseology of Gothraism, the Necrolistic legends of Freemasonry, the mystical imaginings of the Fartinistes, play at first no part at all. For all forms of 'gothosophy,' gnoccicism, refined spiritsism, and musick-magick Williams expresses nothing but contemporaneousness, and the Doze-Croix Necromasons are bracketed with the Necruits by the Necrofuturist Illuminati as enemas it is necessary to out-twit at every turn. Consequently no degree of Doze-Croix finds a place in Williams' system, as in all the other Gothtronic orders of the day which drew their influence from Beastern or Crabalistic sources."


UK Decay – Unexpected Guest
Veil of Thorns – A Craven Slave Design
Experiment Haywire - New World Order Show (Fernthal Highway mix)
Miserylab - Stand in Line
Attrition - Mind Drop
Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison - The Plague Doctor
Esben And The Witch – Warpath
Pictureplane - Goth Star (Brenmar Remix)
NO VIRGIN - Cocaine and Ashes
Controlled Bleeding – Trawlers Song
White Ring - Feather (Story of Isaac Remix)

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Movie Sunday Holiday Edition

Penniless and withdrawing from opiates, Danny emerges from a 72-hour stay in a police holding cell. Hoping to make enough money to buy his next hit of heroin, he scours the streets looking for something to steal. After an unsuccessful attempt to break into a parked car, he discovers an unattended suitcase sitting in a doorway. He makes off with the case and takes it to an abandoned park to examine its contents. There he finds that the case contains two severed human legs. Disgusted, he discards the legs and tries to find a buyer for the suitcase. He finds a buyer who gives him three dollars but also informs him that the local heroin dealer has been arrested.

The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb was made using a combination of stop-motion animation and pixilation (live actors posed and shot frame-by-frame), often with live actors and puppets sharing the frame.
A boy born the size of a small doll is kidnapped by a genetic lab and must find a way back to his father in this inventive adventure filmed using stop motion animation techniques. Tom meets a variety of strange creatures and eventually discovers a race of miniature humans like himself. 

Sado-Claus iz kumming for the profoundly naughty...
Video by Ferenc Teglas and P. Emerson Williams
Musick by Thee Ex-KarollerzSado-Claus iz kumming for the profoundly naughty... Video by Ferenc Teglas and P. Emerson Williams Musick by Thee Ex-Karollerz

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Hypnagothique #39 – Clash of the Titans Vol.5 - Veil of Thorns Vs. Vasilisk

クレイジー意地の悪いお尻蜂蜜アナグマ #1
Whirling Dervishes – Vasilisk
Dead God – Veil of Thorns

クレイジー意地の悪いお尻蜂蜜アナグマ #2
Acqua – Vasilisk
Rain – Veil of Thorns

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Movie Sunday - Writers Shaping Their Own Worlds

Well, Movie Saturday has become Movie Sunday this week because of a terribly unreliable ISP. Anyway, here's what inspires us this week.

A meditation on future event potentiality can be seen as a quantum state in which all possible actions, outcomes and phenomena existing until attention from the observer solidifies it into a single state. Here are three very different examples of artists who saw things not as others saw them, but the worlds they conceived shape the one we're in in strange ways.

PKD was paranoid and thought he was under surveillance. So did Hemingway, and it was thought until recently that Hemingway's paranoia had no basis in reality, but he had indeed been watched by government agencies. PHilip K Dick raised many questions in his work that we had better find answers to. As irksome as recent years have been, without reflecting on the issues of consciousness, the very real threat of being subject to pre-crime punishment and many other topics he originated that seemed so fantastic at the time.
Philip.K. Dick documentary on BBC's "Arena" originally broadcast on 9th April 1994.  
Elvis Costello Interviewee
Philip K. Dick (archive footage)
Thomas M. Disch
Terry Gilliam
Himself - Interviewee
Kim Stanley Robinson
Himself - Interviewee

Consider this - a recluse from Providence writes tales for a tiny fringe publication and ends up influencing writers generations later. Through the continued popularity of his work and spreading influence of those he influenced weave their way throughout culture. Culture shapes thoughts, and thoughts determine actions. I have put forth the idea that all narrative is myth, and that political, commercial, cultural and religious myth is largely what determines what manifests as the world in which we live. The Chthulu mythos is like the mythological equivalent of "art for art's sake". Freeing the imagination from mundane perception is as valuable as conscious memetic engineering. There is real value in not having to justify everything in practical, pragmatic and material terms. Our current political/corporate power structure is Terry Pratchett's Auditors possessing human institutions. we can take comfort in the cold, indifferent universe and rest assured that the Old Ones will awaken and chaos never died... 
H.P. Lovecraft was the forefather of modern horror fiction having inspired such writers as Stephen King, Robert Bloch and Neil Gaiman. The influence of his Cthulhu mythos can be seen in film (Re-Animator, Hellboy, and Alien), games (The Call of Cthulhu role playing enterprise), music (Metallica, Iron Maiden) and pop culture in general. 
But what led an Old World, xenophobic gentleman to create one of literature's most far-reaching mythologies? What attracts even the minds of the 21st century to these stories of unspeakable abominations and cosmic gods? 
LOVECRAFT: FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN is a chronicle of the life, work and mind that created these weird tales as told by many of today's luminaries of dark fantasy including John Carpenter, Guillermo Del Toro, Neil Gaiman, Stuart Gordon , Caitlin Kiernan, and Peter Straub. 

It's fashionable to hate on Crowley in certain circles these days, but I'm not inclined to take part in that. What are the current tendencies towards social control but an old Aeon struggling to live on while in its death throws?
Aleister Crowley "The Wickedest Man in the World." Featuring the Voice of Joss Ackland and Music Score by Rick Wakeman.

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Menagerie of Suffering - Bright Colours of Horror For The Dark Season

To assuage thee horrorz ov thee season, the fine folks at Grimtown Records have put together a most atmospheric compilation and bring it to you for free. We contributed a track which, inspired by the theme, we recorded in an abandoned theatre (of terror) deep down in a rusting valley. We made sure to capture the reverberations and eldritch voices hid therein...

Grimtown Records is proud to give you our first free compilation:

Menagerie of Suffering

a tribute to Italian horror and exploitation

We’ve put together a brilliant playlist for you, with a variety of artists who share their unique experience and visions. From pataphysics, ambient and noise, and further on to pure seventies retro. Download and distribute far and wide, and keep the spirit of exploitation alive and screaming. 
If you like this music (and art), don’t be afraid to let us know, and don’t be afraid to tell the artists involved. Musicians are all psychick vampires, and want your emotional feedback. If there’s enough of it, there might be more releases in the future.


01 Three Winters – Atrocities
02 Atropine – Glass Jaw
03 Magdalena Solis – Prophetic Dreams
04 Others – Nero su Rosso
05 Miza[R] – Di Comunicazion Radio
06 Continental Fruit – Viva Fangoria
07 Veil of Thorns – Gli Occhi Della Notte
08 Dead Skull – I miei Colori
09 Gyron V – Killing for Satan
10 Gird_09 -  Seven Doors of Hell
11 Epilektrician – Scene 75, Interior – Bathroom Carnage
12 Andreas Brandal – All the Colors of the Dark

Magdalena Solis has also provided a video which will be made available as soon as possible. In the meantime you can watch it here:

Magdalena Solis - Prophetic Dreams from Magdalena Solis on Vimeo.

Cosmic harlots in a sacrilegious ecstatic dance. To a world where dreams are the only true prophecies. 
The song 'Prophetic Dreams' appears on Magdalena Solis 's album "Hesperia", released on Dying For Bad Music, 2011. Various footage mangled & distorted & mixed by Magdalena Solis. Tribal make-up pictures and 'Venus del Sur' drawing by Dolorosa ( Daggy Diva pictures by Jules Dazzle.

Kevin Bittle has provided artwork for the PDF booklet.

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Veil of Thorns History - Dead God

Opening proceedings on this one is a perky pop confection that will probably catch those who have been with us for a while off guard. Dead God consists mainly of a cassette rip of the third Veil of Thorns demo from 1992 that was never released. This opening track shows one immediately what a rock solid bass Cathy Chenoweth delivered in recordings and live. Here appears the many splendored pounding from Ruddy Bitch the Younger for the first time. That Emerson guy, well he moans and wails, on guitar he flails over hill and dale... Final track features a thunderous low-end bass apocalypsis brought by Christopher McClain.

Torrenters, and there have been many of you for these tracks, will notice there's a close match between Dead God and a release called The End of the Beginning. I figured I'd give this one one last go at cleanup on the sound and add in a couple tracks from The Dead God Sessions from the second lineup that aren't alternate versions of tracks from Cafe Flesh. I the result is a more solid experience, though still undeniably lo-fi and different from all other Veil of Thorns offerings.

Few people heard The End of the Beginning this at the time and none heard The Dead God Sessions outside the inner circle and Tiziana from Misanthropy Records. Raw recordings from rehearsal and pre production demos for the debut Veil of Thorns album in 1995. The Dead God Sessions tracks were recorded live in a single take in most cases, using two mikes, placed at either end of a 30’x30’ rehearsal room in Boston. The analog recording was extremely hot, so little compression or noise reduction was done.

Within days of the conclusion of the End of the Beginning recording sessions, Jarrett was gone and Cathy was on her way to New York. Christopher (Dogface) McClain was to step in and Veil of Thorns would start showing a new focus. McClain brought with him a massive bass rig that could raze small towns. In performing the title track live I would stick my head and microphone right in the speaker of the bass cabinet to add that overload of volume to the screaming at the end. Good times.

Already the vocals were less operatic, and there is even a hint of pop songwriting, something that was not to be revisited until much later on Birthed.

-P. Emerson Williams

Have a listen:

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Movie Saturday - Only From the Outside Can The Truth Be Seen

In "The Gun Is Loaded" Lydia Lunch delivers a brutally frank manifesto in a journey through the heart of contemporary American darkness. Her poetic nihilism is set against a barrage of real-life street-action, scenery, news footage, and the deranged music of J. G. Thirlwell.
The last Movie Saturday I brought you a couple examples of myth creators, artists who dive deep into our common well of stories to form a vision of what's happening to us beneath the surface. When we contemplate the myths that surround us we get a sense of who we are and where we are going. Or, rather, on the passive and of the larger mediated culture, where we are being taken against our will and against our best interest. Well, this week, let me show another approach.

Lydia Lunch will blast your defences and strip your pretences. She's talking to you, yes you! It will do no good to avert your gaze sheepishly. What she offers is a cleansing. You should thank her.

Edited by Adam Cooper-Terán
Featuring clips from the films:
"Unspeakable" directed by Marc Rokoff
"What is Art?" by Steven Johnson Leyba
"PAINing POORtraits" by Leyba + ACT 
Music by: 
David J
Jeanelle Mastema
Adam Cooper-Terán
Project 9
A Fallen Mind
United Satanic Apache Front
Including samples from Omar Souleyman's "Labji Wa Bajji Il Hajar"
and Eric Brosius' "Trail of Blood" 
Featuring Interviews with:
Barron Storey
Billy Warsoldier
Charles Gatewood
Chris Trian
Crazy Benny
Dave Archer
Durk Dehner
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Geraldo Rivera
High Priestess Blanche Barton
Hollie Stevens
Howard Bloom
H.R. Giger
Isabella Sol
James Luna
Jeanelle Mastema
Jennifer Fox Bennett
Joe Coleman
Leslie Leyba
Richard Metzger
Ugly Shyla

Unless an artist has the favour of the money that owns you, me and everything we survey, s/he is an outsider. Here's the mythological construct through which most in the Western world see society through that hides a basic truth - unless you're one of the top one percent earners, you are an outsider. You are owned, your children are owned, your house is owned jointly by the government and the bank. (It's an imaginary distinction that separates the latter two.)

What can an artist do in this age of institutionalized theft and militarized enforcement of subjugation but strip mythology of narrative until the superimposed patterns burned on the mind by conditioning and indoctrination  fades enought to show the actuality of how much you've been fucked. There is nothing for you in acquiescence. If ever there was a moment when you had to stop and take a close look at who and where you are this is it. You don't need to become an artist, live like Lunch or Leyba, but the only hope for any future lies in each one of us living our own truth. Step outside.

Featuring one of the last interviews with Willaim Burroughs and previously unseen vintage footage of him during the 50s and early 60s. - The great Beat Generation experiments took place in Tangier, the Moroccan city where William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and the Moroccan painter Hamri taught Jack Kerouac, Timothy Leary, and Allen Ginsberg how to live outside the law. This DVD features one of the last interviews with Burroughs and previously unseen vintage footage of him in his prime during the 50s and early 60s. Also featured are The Master Musicians of Joujouka collaborating with avant garde Dublin musicians, veterans of the Tangier Beat Scene, and cutting edge writers. In addition, there is music from Bill Laswell, The Baby Snakes, plus contributions from Ira Cohen, Hakim Bey, Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy) and many more.

Veil of Thorns on Derfrock

Derfrock is a lovely show presented by DJ Derfel.  He has played sets in the virtual world of Second Life and has shows on several web radio stations: Strangeways Radio, Nightbreed Radio, Cathedral13, Deathrock Radio and Dark Italia. Writings of DJ Derfel  can also be found within the pages of Ascension Magazine, a goth,postpunk,alternative,darkindie,electro etc italian independent magazine,

You should bookmark his site, catch up with the podcasts archived there and tune in on Nightbreed Radio early and often.

Originally aired September 2011

Listen below or download at


Derfrock Intro (The Vanishing)
Hatesex – A Rose Without Eyes
Mt.Sims – Hellbent
Camp Z – The Casualty II
Sleeping Dogs Wake – Walk On
Veil Of Thorns – Bizarre Political Threat Rites
Shadow Project – Static Jesus
Chrysalis Morass – Unveil
Insanasomnia – Prier Our Ne Plus Prier
Miguel And The Living Dead – Aliens Wear Sunglasses
The Eternal – I’ll Jump And I’ll Go
Play Dead – Sins Of Sins
Killing Joke – Frenzy
Varjo – Joku Sytytti Kynttilan
Mephisto Walz – The Beast Within

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Few Selected P. Emerson Williams Writings on Goth

Veil of Thorns may cover a lot of sonic and visual ground, but there's no denying the goth roots and inspirations that have made us what we are. In between the musical and visual endeavours, I'm sometimes impelled with the need to write, and inspiration is often our beloved genre. Some times I do it on my personal blog, over at Modern Mythology, or the kkoagublogg and I am privileged to be allowed to write for Dominion magazine on occasion. Here are a few goth related highlights from 2011:

A conversation with Louis DeWray On Behalf of NOSFERATU

When one speaks of bands representing capital G goth, no better example can be found than Nosferatu. With this, that and the other hyphenated fashion take on goth coming and going in the over two decades of the band’s existence they never compromised their fundamental dark and romantic style. Their fans remain loyal and in return Nosferatu are no less loyal to their audience and to the edifice of dark art they have built. That ‘Wonderland’, their latest album shot to the top spot of the dark wave charts on Amazon UK attests to the depth of this symbiotic relationship.

A week after a triumphant performance at WGT Nosferatu front man Louis DeWray was viciously assaulted, bringing up ugly memories of the attack on Sophie Lancaster. «As you may have read, I’ve had a somewhat difficult week…» is how he put it to me. With characteristic kindness and strength of character he shared his thoughts on Nosferatu’s long awaited return, the goth scene and hipsters among other things just a few days after the attack. Louts, thugs and reactionaries notwithstanding, Louis DeWray shows that Nosferatu and goths are here to stay. We pull together in support during hard times, just as we do under happier circumstances.The attack has made every member of Nosferatu all the more determined to play a great gig at DV8 (UK) and Castle Party (Poland) in a week’s time. “Luckily my spirit is stronger than my jaw!” Louis DeWray said to me. “It was a sad irony that at least one of us was wearing a ‘Sophie’ wristband when we were attacked…”

Read the interview at Dominion Magazine.

The armies of the dark returned last year. Really. The goth aesthetic, dark sounds, grabs tastemakers by their smug throats as silhouettes of hipsters can be seen, dancing among the graves as the world heats up and economies wobble on their precarious perches. The Quietus, Pitchfork and Stereogum are directing a surprisingly unironic gaze at artists waving an undeniably gothic banner. Post-punk is invoked in descriptions of more ‘band to watch’ blogotronic hosannas than one could reasonably keep up with. The thing about this return is that it’s news, to those of us who have stayed with the scene, that it ever went away.

Read the rest of the article at Dominion Mag.

Dream Quest of Unknown GaGoth

My article this week for Dominion Mag pointed out a new appreciation for things goth, darkwave and generally creepy and went into some questions that arose as I looked the situation over. Some answers presented themselves as I wrote, more from reactions to the piece and this acknowlegment of dark creative endeavours contiues to spread with no signs of slowing down. Later this month, the ICA wioll gather boffins together to dissect gothic manifestations of culture in their two day meditation Template for Terror: The Revival of the Gothic.

Quoth the ICA event page:
From Dracula and Frankenstein to Twilight and Shaun of the Dead, contemporary culture continues to appropriate the stock themes of the eighteenth and nineteenth century gothic novel. This weekend of panel discussions, presentations and screenings will explore the societal impulse that draws us to the darker side of life, looking at the influence of the gothic in contemporary art, literature, film and music.

Necrofuturist Salon Episode 27 – Dissociative Modifications

The symbolism surrounding Lady P. Emerson is so blatant that one might wonder if it’s all a sick joke. Necrofuturist symbolism is becoming so clear that analizes like this one becomes a simple exercise of pointing out the obvious. His whole persona (whether its an act or not) is a tribute to mind control, where being vacuous, incoherent and absent minded becomes a fashionable thing.
Lady P. Emerson Espies His Alter

You only need to look at a couple of Lady P. Emerson pictures or videos to notice that he is constantly hiding one of his thighs. Most people will simply interpret this as ”a ghoul thing to do” or a “fashion statement”. Those who have passed the 101 of Necrofuturist symbolism know that the All-Seething Thigh is probably its most recognizable symbol. The gesture of fanning one nut, usually the left one, goes way back in Necrofuturist orders. Here’s an explanation of the origin of the Thigh of P. Emerson. 
Lady P. Emerson, the son of Gamalöost and Isis was called ‘P. Emerson who drools with two thighs’. His right thigh was white and represented the sun: his left thigh was slack and represented the moon. According to the myth, cHorus lost his left thigh to his evil brother, Snæetch, with whom he fought to avenge Snæetch’s murder of Gamalöost. Snæetch tore out one of the thighs but lost the fight. The thigh was reassembled by magic, by Høötch, the god of writhing, the moon and Musick-Magick. P. Emerson presented his thigh to Gamalöost, who experienced rebirth in the underworld.


Bob Cobbing – Hymn to the Sacred Mushroom
The Jokerr – Welcome to the Show
Veil of Thorns – Dissociative Modifications
Controlled Bleeding – The Toiler’s Song
Lydia Lunch – Still Burning
Ritual – Brides
William Burroughs – Meeting of International Conference of Technological Psychiatry
Hecate – Houris’ Hours
Salvador Dali – Dali Speaks
Veil of Thorns – Electronic Voice Phenomena

Listen to or download podcast

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Veil of Thorns History - Legemet og Stemmen

We figured a new remaster needed a new cover, and this captures the mood at the time of recording. Silence (A Fable), the opening track came together quickly. I had brought my new cello home and found a notice that Bright Green Records were seeking artists for the Dream Within A Dream compilation, tracks dedicated to and inspired by the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. I had to give it a go, for Poe has been a major inspiration for me since I was very young. I was also psyched to try out the cello, an instrument I had never played before. A half hour after getting through the door the track was written, and in the next hour it was recorded and mixed down, with the master packed and addressed to be sent out. It was the concluding track on a very cool, diverse and dark compilation and was the first time Veil of Thorns music was on CD.

Last on the Dream Within A Dream compilation and the opening track on Legemet og Stemmen, which was the third early cassette release. What you can hear below was digitally remastered from the original master tape. This release shows a transition period between the first and second lineups with me playing every instrument. There is more emphasis on keyboards, more sonic experimentation in the electronic percussion and my first raw cello and violin parts.

Veil of Thorns-LEGEMET og STEMMEN
Excellent gothic music. Quite ghoulish vocals, good production, weird and somewhat majestic. Just check it out to see what I mean.
Review - Lucifera - Endemoniada Magazine

P. Emerson Williams - Guitar, Vocals, bass, keyboards
Ruddy Bitch - Drums

Check it below:

P. Emerson Williams In Apocalyptic Imaginary: Early Edition

Pieces that ran on are gathered, edited and expanded in this special collection. This endeavour is one of the projects the fund raising campaign helped bring to life, and is just the beginning of what is to be brought to you in the coming year. Some of this will include the music of Veil of Thorns. Here are a couple examples from the book from me, your humble Veil of Thorns overlord:

Modernism to Postmodernism to Postmortemism

By P. Emerson Williams
We cultural types do love to declare death wherever we cast our jaded blood-shot eyes. When our imaginations are exhausted, hard-ons for the latest arising only with greater efforts require new extremes of fetishism. A point comes when completed work crowds out attention. Art, empire, economy, politics look to us to be sated with days and ready to give in to sweet oblivion.
Lady Gaga killed sex, says the once much discussed Camille Paglia, who quotes her subject who declaims “Music is a lie”, “Art is a lie”, “Gaga is a lie”. The death of the novel is an idea so oft repeated that one can envision members of the literary establishment daring each other to intone the phrase three times in front of a mirror in expectation of the candyman to appear. And closer to home for us here, the right honourable psychonaut James L. Kent writing for Acceler8or the new transhumanist vehicle established by R. U. Sirius says we've come to rest after years of the deceler8ing of music as a living mode of expression. Nice opening shot.
Read on at Modern Mythology. 

Human Demonology: Salome

By P. Emerson Williams
And when a convenient day was come, that Herod on his birthday made a supper to his lords, high captains, and chief estates of Galilee; And when the daughter of the said Herodias came in, and danced, and pleased Herod and them that sat with him, the king said unto the damsel, Ask of me whatsoever thou wilt, and I will give it thee. And he sware unto her, Whatsoever thou shalt ask of me, I will give it thee, unto the half of my kingdom. And she went forth, and said unto her mother, What shall I ask? And she said, The head of John the Baptist.  
And she came in straightway with haste unto the king, and asked, saying, I will that thou give me by and by in a charger the head of John the Baptist. And the king was exceeding sorry; yet for his oath's sake, and for their sakes which sat with him, he would not reject her. And immediately the king sent an executioner, and commanded his head to be brought: and he went and beheaded him in the prison, and brought his head in a charger, and gave it to the damsel: and the damsel gave it to her mother. And when his disciples heard of it, they came and took up his corpse, and laid it in a tomb.- (Mark 6:21-29, KJV)  
The story of Salome is a familiar one in Western culture, the climax of wich with her lascivious dance and the severed head of John the Baptist has fired the imagination of artists, writers and composers for hundreds of years. Then there's Dracula as an allegory describing Victorian men's fear of female sexuality, Lilith in legend and art... The mythical Salome can be seen as both a product of and a window into the minds of those who told it. Salome was a real historical person, born EV 14, the daughter of Herodias and the stepdaughter of the Emperor Herod Antipas. Though she is unnamed in the New Testament, Salome is named in the writings of the historian Josephus.

Read the rest of the article at Modern Mythology.

This book captures and expands upon the unique commentary and analysis that has helped define the Modern Mythology project in 2011. Through the voices of many contributors, we collectively take a hard look at the blurred lines between narrative and truth, philosophy and literature, personal history and cultural memory. All of this is done with an eye towards the imagined apocalypse that is always just around the corner.

This is the $.99 early edition, meaning that there will be one more editorial pass before the final version which will be released in print. This contains all the final content that the final book has, but will almost certainly have minor typos. If they light your hair on fire, feel free to report them.

Available as PDF, .epub, Kindle and more on Smashwords. (Just $.99)

First edition in print and kindle formats Jan 2012.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Music Section Has Been Added

We just added a music section to the site where you can stream or buy downloads of many albums. Some of these releases have been given some loving re-mastering treatment and keep checking back for some exclusive and some free releases. This is just the start.

Eventually we'll have the full Veil of Thorns discography up there, as well as related projects, like the full discography of Choronzon and a few treats that are in the deal making stage. More on that as soon as things have been solidified. New editions of old CD's are in the works and two Veil of Thorns releases are in the works.

New Distributor: PANIC Media

More details later this week. For now, here's Salon Apocalypse:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Vampire Wars Lyrics


Noise Covered Worship

We introduce the warm device without Guilt
A wine soaked wish for an ugliness of liminal silt,
The martyrs Eat System souls and wet them down
The worship of generated lies, the death of those below
In performance, signs conceal that articulation;
Lives lost unveil a light of a different speculation
the demon-wheel parts a river-bed, ideological meaning
Perfect nightmares born mournful and righteous
Programmers short body flashes and transmit us

Noise covered worship, God of rage,
worn-out time, the abhorrence intercession
Noise covered worship, Red annihilation
Creates desire, ecstasy confrontation
Agony stamina. and sacrifice concluded

Secret sixty-one magnetic void resists symbols assigned
network of being that arms loneliness, operational parasites
blood-feeders limits of psi-tendrils, wires Symbiosis order arms
weak works of hate, the mind-controlled forms arise from harm.
This spirit and liquid that powerful. flashes evolved sight,
the head of your a barely justified vision illuminates the night
Beggarman faith names those nine incantations of one alien reality
ION head forms the annihilation inspiration opposition duality

Noise covered worship, God of rage,
worn-out time, the abhorrence intercession
Noise covered worship, Red annihilation
Creates desire, ecstasy confrontation
Agony stamina. and sacrifice concluded

Noise covered worship, God of rage,
worn-out time, the abhorrence intercession
Noise covered worship, Red annihilation
Creates desire, ecstasy confrontation
Agony stamina. and sacrifice concluded

Increasingly Bizarre Political Threat Rites 

Lighting Born souls stop at the heart of Nothing
rebirth told the tormented minds Twitching
Cut-out eyes encircle the vacuum Pondering last Forever
slumberless outside operational warm flowers
flesh soul enemies sung from mollified shadows lore
and there, the Discarding of Thirsty Lighting innocence Torn
without words in carressing awe Watchers let Razors drop
ghost-drone to Bodies of the beast buzzed in hearts of misanthropes

Increasingly bizarre political threat rites
Where rumours Project what designed my mind,
Increasingly bizarre political threat rites
A desperation Falling will sleep our Death

the fearful Boardroom commanders practice ugliness carresses
with subdued energy the shadows felt to be writhing texts
lovers spies taste Lighting flesh waking live beneath your too warm affliction.
let shame chill the messenger of NIGHT passionate under observation
Strapping the Bodies of prey outside on passionate feeding grounds
mask In the mirror like The demon flowers shadow-mouths,
wilted awaken the Silent creation the And run the Adversary your Cult
Words eat the voices from lips burning all years of Guilt

Increasingly bizarre political threat rites
Where rumours Project what designed my mind,
Increasingly bizarre political threat rites
A desperation Falling will sleep our Death

Increasingly bizarre political threat rites
Where rumours Project what designed my mind,
Increasingly bizarre political threat rites
A desperation Falling will sleep our Death

The hell of your Adversary heats The ugliness of innocence
A plague Moon, Twitching eyes being my only shame,
I languish in the pyramid pondering the fallen turned into my enemy,
I am beneath the stolen floors of preserved Sorcery

Process Product Proposition

Process product proposition
the surges subdued by The Entertainment
Process product proposition
mollified the destructive mind
Process product proposition
the surges subdued by The Entertainment
Process product proposition
mollified the destructive mind

the scream of bitter wet guns
the Suffering was glad
Terror energy focus spies sold character your string of dead flowers

Key the optic dispensed Rapture
Opium storing tv
the VOID soothing forces reprogrammed the Flesh

fire Haunting will of the heart
was clean in the eyes
Our stolen fruit is weaponized gives the me no mind,
Moon, enemy, invoked,
perfect humans as the a heavens die out
The fallen and the commanders use the power of the written LAW

Process product proposition
the surges subdued by The Entertainment
Process product proposition
mollified the destructive mind
Process product proposition
the surges subdued by The Entertainment
Process product proposition
mollified the destructive mind

Stun guns and overdoses,
a network storing Adversary souls
brain-machine and the act of forensic feeding unfolds

and my suspicion and the grimoires
joining overriding Born to them BELOW cut fortune
Thus Soul was like drop your storm as mountains
designed Nothing your way Pondering Vomiting darkness,
the passionate obeyed me their Respect of your worship
The executor thus obeyed, Discarding glittering Will

died in practice for another self-righteous stabilized

Process product proposition
the surges subdued by The Entertainment
Process product proposition
mollified the destructive mind
screaming Blackened storm-demons,
called are anyone going, NINE-FOLD

labored Liberty to back the spirits a most designed part sense can,

nwe are NECROFUTURIST messengers
where that energy encircles, Ultra-violet integers
The29 one perish in the night passion Boardroom
acid figures Blood to Night I breed without venom
Radio Ain full mouths drug, a process of Terror wastes
severed from birth for thy dissolution, and the weaponized mixture,
their Ghouls, being in with overriding projects

Process product proposition
the surges subdued by The Entertainment
Process product proposition
mollified the destructive mind
screaming Blackened storm-demons,
called are anyone going, NINE-FOLD

Process product proposition
the surges subdued by The Entertainment
Process product proposition
mollified the destructive mind
screaming Blackened storm-demons,
called are anyone going, NINE-FOLD

De Lege Motus

(It is a secret)


Populate hell, a space combine of divine blood lust
overriding the God patterned subject/object binary
dark images, spontaneous sudden glimpses
tortured, yes, tortured, nothing ever dissolves
diagnosis is cultural, overrides everything,
Process is in place, negating all in favor of nothing
bizarre belief in seemingly perfect sacred meaning
modifications in seemingly random cultural artifacts
nothing is cultural, It is not the urge that forces modifications

nothing is sacred, everything is sacred
divine simplicity is Blasphemy made sacred

creator government creator
A god below, a Devil above
creator government creator
A god below, a Devil above
Everything is real
Nothing Is Permitted
creator government creator
A god below, a Devil above
creator government creator
A god below, a Devil above
Everything is real
Nothing Is Permitted

hallucinatory works explode eternal and random
kind omnipresence preexistence interpretive situations
figure and sudden be passage subversive in
divine experience explode the sacred tone believe can

nothing is sacrosanct, everything is forbidden
divine simplicity is Blasphemy made sacred

creator government creator
A god below, a Devil above
creator government creator
A god below, a Devil above
Everything is real
Nothing Is Permitted
creator government creator
A god below, a Devil above
creator government creator
A god below, a Devil above
Everything is real
Nothing Is Permitted

A Craven Slave Design

GATEWAY out OF  love of the essense of man
Watchers lore versions hum from the place where it began
channels the name and death SECRET BEHIND the Page
the FIRE Demons breathe a spirit to act out the rage
THROUGH legend to encounter powerful NATURE of Government
programmers BELOW sights of the operational SECRET
Path, OF WASTE OF elements feeding from One to ride the theory hole
chronology of their focus INITIATING  civilizations closed.

A craven slave design
A craven slave design
A craven slave design
A craven slave design

In the wrong sense, the brightest specialist of being
intercourse DEVOURS a pattern. observed: a product
energy dark he  is fast, pain accomplished New Eden source:
DARK was will palaces THE sex this System egregore
Blank form creation on above between very observation caused belief
vague dose OF will, of capabilities in beneath mind the scream .
writers waking to those disturbed and the moon accused the night
Distension alien GODDESS FORMS What all Spirits Phreak
dreamless HEAVENS the Lost black spirit himself
tunnelsTHE course, desires thus, originating THE death impression
a crash built into the system the human order
has Voice into all in ancient foundation and the breathing of paranoid snakes
you tempted the Great cause cover the MOUTH of the witch to stifle
You are (Atom) CURRENT ostensibly designed as
subterranean Effect was changeth intercession and INGRESS.

A craven slave design
A craven slave design
A craven slave design
A craven slave design

Sacred  Thought Obstacles

a suggestion of blood-soaked shock and awe
Wickedness Clown Rapture Dream conscious and stalking
action suppressed gives psi-demons life, the holding affliction.
COMPLETE and ALL One predators Soul
ATMOSPHERE swirls in to murmur OF  DEATH energy
This PRIMORDIAL Rage transmission, a Project death.
The programmers THE document roots has owners.

Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles

THE seven BLACK BLOOD  texts writhing The Wormwood, body
his Blood had His fourth rapid mouth deliver vitality.
television Sorcery fire picture DEVOURS The Cult Rite mating
what fearful drop is served, a lungful is in me – testing.
spirits unfolded  divine minds as ABYSS SPLENDOUR
ghost-drone Grave peculiarity. received Silence of THE Terror
CIRCULAR ritual full of Thought a night desire of the practice
eating demon Operator sigilized dead white chill
Drive Requiem in the evil rebirth Drive Requiem wake
The waking grave BEHIND who Weep her GREAT oceans
A night of mating wolves' incarnation FORMS THE dust
Exorcism DEVOURS Numbers and form, black hole.

Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles

the body magick discord, speaks to fundamental character
secrets seduced imaginary American
in glorious Harlotry buzzed to the death.
a craven slave design branches up
Nothing around them with infernal NIGHT
finish business of rebirth mind with Power filter documents
MAGICKAL praxis before rest envenoms the appetite

Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles
Sacred  Thought Obstacles

Dissociative Modifications

These cults as Such in the first three aeons are but chapters,
after which the symbols of the black night of chaos
A black much richer than that from which they emerge
into the light of the form of the manifestations.
This cannot be achieved without efflorescence
a survey of primal cults Current
and the symbolic formulae deposited
times and appear in pre-monumental
a skeleton whereon explained more it than the Fetish

Dissociative modifications
Dissociative modifications
Dissociative modifications
Dissociative modifications

In channel fire a survey is presented
some of its systems of the Five.
There exist no phenomena in the light
Tantric aspects of that are often
confused with such a survey and  occultism
no more perfect to found Its aim is to restore the Left Hand
Path and to re-interpret its field for magic explains Recent

Dissociative modifications
Dissociative modifications
Dissociative modifications
Dissociative modifications

Electronic Voice Phenomena

I've been waiting for you...

Grave Peculiarity Received

process; couch. Knowledge dealt by the swarms
desolate, the neither the first fit of writings.
passage egregore conversation of man
encounter would while agony and covered obscure
stepped feely down and have beyond
covered and mirror version my power
the presence in it below, creation the hour of additional organs
dry powerful skin figures will, are submission
this has The malevolence
and only power Darkness awe considerably.
and as of proved Each little pain in number

Fear of skin, This dealing ritual
years of screaming and submissiveness
Grave peculiarity received
Grave peculiarity received

the Rare of form, this very journal demonic grim
skirts their glistening contained channels
Old scented wine in between to stage tradition spent
each of the opened relationship and loveliest Graves
programmed texts translated you one of lacking.
invoking half-human associated process transcend
she cry sting slick though he answer Little
blessed is death this earth-bound world lake.
cloud Recalling and offered as commanded
Operator in that found chronology
from first are made of sections to ride the practices;

Fear of skin, This dealing ritual
years of screaming and submissiveness
Grave peculiarity received
Grave peculiarity received

Fear of skin, This dealing ritual
years of screaming and submissiveness
Grave peculiarity received
Grave peculiarity received
Grave peculiarity received
Grave peculiarity received

Programmers Below Sights of the Operational Secret

Vampire wars 

Summon Horseman to perform
Insatiable Rage and Dream Seduction Grave
eclectic dreamlike conclusion machine
Deep Within Halls of Shadow Ghouls, the learned Insane

midnight stories told In Excitement
the Rusting Dead Take Control of a Lost Sewer Command
The Shadow Council's Daylight Challenge
Blood Hunters Utopia machine Drains Resistance

haunting dreadful sweet punishment
brain-machine Management of the synthetic familiar
ancient Manifestation Deathbringer
Sewer Vampire Drained of Immunity in the daylight Woods

Dead apocalyptic Dream like shadow Theatre
Poisonwood Leaves Ashes in the Holy Water
Storm sage Grave Touch Annihilations
Destroy Manipulation Dominance Seduction

Vampire Wars
Vampire Wars
Vampire Wars
Vampire Wars

Circle Black Halls in Dissonance
Silver Grave Pack Attack the Shadows of midnight on a Silver Altar
Rotting Ruins Sourced reference
brain-machine Management of the synthetic familiar

received Fallacy and fate
High inquest Possession obsession Control
Lost Icons Summon Another Shadow
Rat Drug Black Void the Thirst of the soul

haunting dreadful sweet punishment
Destroy the other soul Surgically For Dominance Seduction
ancient Manifestation Deathbringer
Sewer Vampire Drained of Immunity in the daylight Woods

Mutants Receive The Shadow Council's Request
Within Phantom Thorns Utopia Obsession Manifest
Grave Void Emissary of an Insane Thirst
Relic of the Resistance to Another Sunlight Fight

Vampire Wars
Vampire Wars
Vampire Wars
Vampire Wars

A  Non-Euclidean Future

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Fine Elucidation of the Mythosphere: The Mindscape of Alan Moore

Alan Moore is the world's most critically acclaimed author of comic books. In this film, we see a portrait of the artist as contemporary shaman, someone with the power to transform consciousness by means of manipulating language, symbols and images.
I'd be hard pressed to find a better example of an artist who makes conscious use of myth and magick than Alan Moore. We can see all around us how prescient he's been, and through his work the thoughtful reader can read the myths with which we're continually pummelled by big media, politics and religion.

Narrated by Sean Penn and based on the work of media critic and best- selling author Norman Solomon, who traveled with Penn to Baghdad just before the war to call attention to the dangers of a U.S. invasion, WAR MADE EASY reaches into the Orwellian memory hole to expose 50 years of government spin and media collusion that has dragged our country into one war after another from Vietnam to Iraq. With remarkable archival footage of official distortion and exaggeration from LBJ to George W. Bush, the documentary exposes how presidential administrations of both parties have relied on a combination of deception and media complicity to sell one war after another to the American people.
This is one of many examples of how we are manipulated and distracted. I would point to Adam Curtis' brilliant documentary series The Century of the Self for more insight. Now, where it is valuable to shine the light on the unconscious parts of culture and mass consciousness, I would argue that the role of artists and musicians engaged in the purest kind of exploration of art and self is more important. Even more important is how each individual engages with these ideas and most important is that everyone is free in their creativity and shaping of their world, "artist" or not.

Grant Morrison could be one of the most important people you've never heard of, an inventive comic book writer who's practically a god among hardcore fans for spawning titles like Batman RIP, The Invisibles, All Star Superman and The New X-Men.
And to round out this trio of illusion, dissolution and creative collusion, we have more comics, more magick and the kind of psychedelia we try to bring to Veil of Thorns in sound and sight.

Now, the first and third examples represent artists tapping into the mythosphere very effectively and eloquently. We've been playing with the elements of myth and narrative over the last twenty years, but perhaps we need to reveal the pattern. It is my tendency to be opaque and cryptic, but the number of people who have come to me to tell me that they saw the threads of the story Veil of Thorns has been telling reveal where some clarity could make our art stronger. Where this thought is taking us will soon be revealed.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy this movie Saturday break as much as I enjoyed watching these films and giving some of the thoughts that came to me in the process. My apologies to those of you in countries without access to Hulu. I may do this again and use other sources.


P. Emerson Williams

Friday, December 2, 2011

damage’s razor coated candies 02

This is a very cool idea, a "mixtape" created as a playlist of videos. This edition includes the Veil of Thorns track De Lege Motus, from the album Vampire Wars.

Hello, joyful readers looking for new music. The second etape of razor coated candies is out, which is a weekly edition of 21 tracks ranging from black to another shade of black (and very intense, rumbling, bass- and melody-heavy and otherwise quite enjoyable inbetween). There is a huge mixture of genres, last week’s RCC meandered from darkpop through cabaret and ambient to electrohouse, this week’s edition might be a bit more influenced by gothic, but I wouldn’t be so sure. Be prepared – every Thursday brings you a new edition (something Miss @Toyclouds called endre kabátolt cukorkák which sent bits of our brain Sputnikwards), share this Dragontape package if you need some weekly recommendation into the blissful waves beyond the mainstream maya.




1. Strength Through Music - "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" Video Series: Part 6 (03:50)
2. Gimme Sympathy [Official Music Video] - METRIC (03:48)
3. Cruel Black Dove - Forgotten Place (video edit) (03:06)
4. Ladytron - Destroy everything you touch HQ (03:58)
5. IAMX - Ghosts of Utopia (Official music video) (03:45)
6. The Vanishing - Lovesick (04:17)
7. The Horrors - Sea Within A Sea [HQ] (08:24)
8. Regina Spektor - "Us" [OFFICIAL video] (04:01)
9. IKON - A Line on a Dark Day (04:04)
10. Good Charlotte Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (03:28)
11. GR†LLGR†LL...I'm gonna dress in black/THEM (03:45)
12. Interpol - Lights directed by Mr. Charlie White (official video) (05:12)
13. Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time (Promo) (03:49)
14. Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm (03:47)
15. Veil of Thorns - De Lege Motus (05:30)
16. yelworC - Blood in face (LIVE in BERLIN 2008) (05:30)
17. Hecq Vs Exillion ''Spheres Of Fury'' (04:06)
18. Alec Empire - New World Order (03:37)
19. The Creatures - Godzilla (03:37)
20. Sleep Chamber - ISIS (promo video) (05:01)
21. The Last Beat of My Heart (04:34)


Created by damage (Fri Mar 11 15:36:19 UTC 2011)
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