In a society racing towards oblivion, its machinic egregoreplex advances control processes that are ultimately futile. The psyche breaks down under the strain and reconfigures as a medium for an alien intelligence. The demonic is a manifestation of future shadow selves transmitted from down the darkest timeline. Society shapes itself to bring this potential into being.

)+( )+( )+(

A sacred ritual unspeakably reproduces revelation, The business experiment of Cultural starvation, a system collective treatment root and wallow. Thinking system defined by which World it followed. A maze of phenomena people and the hardware writings race multidimensional witch-hunter quantum collusions in Space. Collapsed ideas conclusion fabricated gullibility parallels inhuman self-delusion of Science Cult system in which hyperstition dwells.

This capsule of toxins can Work unseen change.

Para-abnormal Realms in ancient books deceive which senses escalating the subject becoming reality. Beyond revolution image hackers proved application delusion. Others repurpose whatever escape penetrate organs of world demons

This is Association Myth Theory commodifies the...  more
released April 30, 2018

Aidan McGoran - Guitars
P. Emerson Williams - Vox, Guitars, bass, synth, cello
Ruddy Bitch - Drums

Mark Cunningham - trumpet on Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering
Cern.Th.Skei - programming, keys, bass on Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering
Anna Murphy - Vox on Dead Shadow Sunset Mirth Offering

Sun Falling Feat. Jarboe

Veil of Thorns are proud to unveil a three part sound experiment in collaboration with Jarboe. With Sun Falling , Veil of Thorns open up a new realm of their Necrofuturist art.
Sun falling, tides rising to meet it and glaciers recoiling and withdrawing between them. The deadzones begin to boil. We have had years to watch it coming, narrowing our consciousness to carry on without having to acknowledge it. We breathe in the thickening, increasingly hot air, our last before we need to exchange currency for each inhalation and a tax for each exhalation. One additional breath may be stolen as the extensive structures built with such industriousness and passion melt and burn, terminating in a laugh greeting a return to the stars from whose dust we were formed.
Sun Falling is a journey of vision across the globe for one last time, finally to return home to celebrate the life that happened while casting an inward gaze deep into the unknown. Everything passes, even planets and solar systems, and anything that manages to emerge and evolve for any amount of time is a miracle.
released June 7, 2015
P. Emerson Williams – guitars, Bass, Vocals, Sound Design
Jarboe – Vocals, Sound Design
Pandora – Drums, Percussion
About Veil of Thorns
Veil of Thorns is an ever evolving concept born of the fevered brain of P. Emerson Williams. Among the growing list of collaborators one can find authors, actors and musicians of many genres, reflecting the scope of what P. Emerson Williams calls Necrofuturist art.
About Jarboe
Jarboe draws from a variety of sources: childhood in the Mississippi delta, New Orleans street life and Mardi Gras, NYC’s east village during the post no-wave scene, university studies in literature and theatre, a personal history of recordings, collaborations, performance (clubs, theaters, art galleries, cathedrals, festivals, live radio, television, film).
Jarboe’s voice and music can be at turns both playful and vitriolic – in melodic as well as experimental compositions. Over the course of her life through efforts in both past and present disciplines, Jarboe journeys towards rebuilding / reinventing identity and exploring the elemental structures of persona.
Eschaton & Celebration

Eschaton (Noun) - From Ancient Greek ἔσχατον (eskhaton), neuter singular of ἔσχατος (eskhatos, “last”). (New Testament) day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual humans according to the good and evil of their earthly lives. (literally) the last; used in theology to refer to the world's state during the posthistoric era of God's overt (apocalyptic) reign, immediately preceding the end of the world.
Celebration (Noun) - The formal performance of a solemn rite, such as Christian sacrament - The observance of a holiday or feast day, as by solemnities - The act, process of showing appreciation, gratitude and/or remembrance, notably as a social event.- A social gathering for entertainment and fun; a party.
After completing a tour of the US and Europe with Jarboe, head necrofuturist of Veil of Thorns, P. Emerson Williams gathered impressions, thoughts and notes written down along the way to bring the whole into the twisted form of Eschaton & Celebration.
Veil of Thorns are known for covering much ground sonically and conceptually. There is the punk-noir and lyrical meditations on being an outsider and lubrication of the wheels of empire on Vampire Wars. There is the musical hall of mirrors and dispatches from the charred fields of the apocalypsis of the act of artistic creation found on the twin albums Necrofuturist and Salon Apocalypse.
Eschaton & Celebration opens up to an experience of the final stage of apocalypse. This is a journey into the heart of chaos that indeed does celebrate the end of everything familiar in cultural, spiritual and physical reality itself.
released June 5, 2014
P. Emerson Williams – Vocals, Guitar, bass, cello, keyboards, programming
Ruddy Bitch – Drums, Electronic Soundwaves, percussive Manipulations

2013 sees the release of the 13th Veil of Thorns album titled Para-Abnormal. Fans of the retro-futuristic Cognitive Dissonance and the tribal gothic fever dreams of the twin albums Necrofuturist and Salon Apocalypse will welcome the way Para-Abnormal synthesizes these disparate threads of Veil of Thorns art. This is post-punk with a defiant heart, its world decidedly dystopian but the souls dwelling hterein face this world undaunted. Cold camera eyes are on every inch, infrastructure collapsing, but the survivors are having a party in the ruins.
The solidity and assuredness of the drums supplied by James Curcio (Hoodoo Engine, Babalon, subQtaneous) and P. Emerson Williams coaxed many strange sounds from an electric-acoustic 12 string guitar. The process of writing on Para-Abnormal was a very spontaneous one, with grooves inspiring syncopated guitar parts and lyrics the cut-up impressions of a world gone mad as any creation reflecting the current state of human affairs would have to be.
Veil of thorns started in Boston in the late -80’s, when the number of Goth bands in town could be counted on one hand. Stark, angular post-punk songs give way to spare jazz-inflected tone poems that lead back into sanguine deathrock dust storms. Throughout the -90's Veil of Thorns gigged extensively in New England with a few revolving spots in the lineup. In the period between -94 and -98 they played on bills such bands as Cruxshadows, Judith and This Ascention. Many of the gigs included guest players and extensive improvisation.
released July 3, 2013
"...pushes the envelope, shakes up the status quo, and demands attention." -Gothic Beauty
"This is their most stylish work, but some of the thorns have an extra edge." -Mick Mercer
"This is where Rozz Williams and Marilyn Manson merge in an Event Horizon singularity." -Corazine
"...they brew up a dust storm of tight-but-loose guitar riffs and driving, nervy, drums...half way between a lament and a threat." -Uncle Nemesis
12-String Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Synth – P. Emerson Williams
Drums, Sequencing, Bass – James Curcio

The dreaded GOTHRONOMICON has been brought to us and is being translated by mute scribes and the content held therein tested by fearless and skilled mages, though a few have been lost between space...
We have a tip on where to find the gothrapocrypha and some info on what it will take to obtain it. We hope to get this process on film.
Of his madness many things are told. I, P. Emerson Williams, Ferenc Teglas and Aidan McGoran marauded mythic R'lly'yeh, or City of Pillocks, and to have found beneath the ruins of a certain nameless desert town the shocking annals and secrets of a race of atomic supermen older than humankind. They were only different Gothramaritans, worshipping unknown entities whom they called flogsogoth and necro cryptu.
As i stood here below, methought their eyes were four full moons: Ferenc Teglas and Aidan McGoran had a thousand noses; horns whelked and wavèd like the enridgèd sea: they were a pair of fiends. And I summoned again to stand before me Ferenc Teglas and Aidan McGoran, the burning idols of demons, and I sat them down on raised seats of honour, and said to them: "why art thou agog, Emperor ov Sonic Electronic Golems and Supreme Overlord ov Git-Fiddles of the necrofuturist veil of thorns?" and they said unto me: "because we alone are the great serpents that came down. for i was first angel in the first heaven" said one, being entitled Ferenczebub. "and I now control all who are bound in the GOTHRONOMICON being titled Aidancifer" said t'other. . .
P. Emerson Williams
Head Necrofuturist,
Veil of Thorns
released December 1, 2012
P. Emerson Williams - Vox, Bass, Cello, 12 String Guitar, Slide Guitar, Analog Synth
Ferenc Teglas - Synth, Piano, Digital Armatures
Aidan McGoran - Guitars
Ruddy Bitch - Drums
Pandora - Drums
Vampire Wars

London, August, 2011 – In honour of their 20th year in exestence and as a thank you to fans old and new, Veil of Thorns is offerering "Vampire Wars", their latest release as a free download. This is not the first time the band has taken this route, which they did last with "Necrofuturist", their first release on the legendary Industrial music label Inner-X-Musick a year before its official release.

"I was in the mood to expend some energy, get sweaty and play guitar, and this is the result." said P. Emerson Williams, the vocalist, multi instrumentalist and founding member in his tumblr post announcing the release. "The lyrics were half stream of consciousness and half glossolalia, the beatle-bass was worked hard and put away wet and guitars bit back."

Diverging from the many-layered, genre-distending path of the last couple albums, "Vampire Wars" inhabits a world of punk noir with a level of immediacy and aggression that harkens back to the early days. There are still plenty of rusting hulks mouldering in the dystopian soundscape of this album, but the survivors are having a party in the ruins.

Says P. Emerson Williams on the topic of what Veil of Thorns' intention is: "Go grab the latest album “Vampire Wars” for free, spread it around, repost." and he continues, "If you write a few words about it or include trax in a podcast or radio show, please share a link with us and many blessings shall befall you and yours."

The band are not done sharing with "Vampire Wars". because this is their twentieth year, Veil of Thorns will be pointing to free Veil of Thorns downloads across the web on their Facebook page.



Salon Apocalypse CD $10.00 + S&H

Salon Apocalypse

I know a lot of you were expecting a SLEEPCHAMBER release favorite releases. I did love each of them… with “Sorcery, Spells, & Serpent Charms” being my favorite. None-the-less… this is my top favorite releases. And not to sound even remotely self serving… I left them off. However, Veil Of Thorns newest CD could not be left off. Have you heard it? It’s a masterpiece from beginning to end. P. Emerson Williams is brilliant. He is a master musician whose ability to dive into the darkness – while remaining a musician, is unprecedented in our modern age. Where other artists like to rely on shocking lyrics, or cool effects… Williams writes good musick, and plays most of it himself – again “masterfully”. “Salon Apocalypse” is a aural drama played out for your ears. It weaves in and out of a apocalyptic story line that is just out of reach… The musick… ah, the musick. It’s out of reach to. Death Metal, ambient, noise, industrial, hip-hop, vocal…. it’s all there. Seamlessly. Think of it as a production. Perhaps a musical of the insane… but start to finish it’s complete brilliance. Pulling one track out makes no sense, as the release as a whole plays as a complete work. The musick is everywhere (gothick, metal, hip hop, ambient, everything), yet the release is incredibly cohesive. If you are interested in hearing bit’s and pieces then tune into Inner-X-Musick Radio… it should pop up some what frequently. -TheeBradMiller


Still Bloody Action
Sleep, Cut And Run
Intellectual Institutional Object
And The Beast Of The Vision Still Roams In Dreams
Sepulchral Reminder (Torment Rose)
Nearer To Hell (Ideological Corpses)
The Play Is The Thing
Widows Blacked Out
The Bell
Autonomous Anonymous Anomalous
The Thing Is In Play
Imagination Theives
Veiled Shadows Gaze
Soul Intervention


Inner-X-Musick is proud to announce it's first release by Veil Of Thorns. And because I run this blog - and because P. Emerson Williams is forward thinking artist - and because we both agree in the importance of the free flow of musick - and because the musick itself demanded it... You (the reader) reap the benefit.

"NECROFUTURIST" by Veil Of Thorns is the second non /SLEEPCHAMBER release on the newly revamped Inner-X-Musick, the first being the outstanding "Medical Report" by Grammal Seizure. However, "NECROFUTURIST" is the first release that is being offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD before the physical release becomes available.

For those of you who keep track of this sort of thing.. it's catalog number is XXX 72.

If you are familiar with Veil Of Thorns this release may catch you off guard. It is, as I like to call it, "Neo Gothick", although truthfully - Veil Of Thorns has started their own genre with this recording, and one could easily call it "retro futurist". Veil Of Thorns sound has always been unique, but certainly Gothic. Williams abilities as a musician has always set Veil Of Thorns apart from your standard "goth rocker", but through the new millennium Williams has also become a master of the process as well. It has paid off. "NECROFUTURIST" was methodically prepared for and then assembled. Each piece of the puzzle placed with veteran precision.

As with any Veil Of Thorns release, there is an overriding theme to the release. According to Williams,

"There is a theme, but an as yet nebulous one. I'm pulling together phenomena and experiences connected with art movements of the last hundred years and the corresponding societal upheavals that ran concurrently and which had an enormous impact on the birth, life and death of those art movements."

"At the same time, I'm meditating on the similarities and interconnectedness of art and cultural groups and cults, magickal groups, religions, philosophical paradigm shifts and the growth they spur as well as the devastation they leave in their wake, both psychick and materially manifest."

"And there's a book I'm desperately looking for, don't know the name of it, but its effect on people who read it seems to have been similar to the fictional King in Yellow."

If you have been following recent developments with Inner-X-Musick - you would know that XXX 71 is already slated to be Veil Of Thorns "Salon Apocalypse". But this is a case of putting the cart before the horse. Williams explains "Necrofuturist continues the theme of Salon Apocalypse. TAZ in a warzone, flowers on a landmine, love & war. Time out of joint. it's therefore appropriate that this came together first."

There will be a physical release in the future. Probably sometime in the late fall, after the release of "Salon Apocalypse". Of course all the information will be posted here as it become available. See for all the goodies!


Thought Pollution Evolution
Through The Fire
The Vandals Exquisite Corpse
The Lifeless Trio Kept Playing
Wailing In Glass
Pleasure In Nightmare
Giving Ascent
Dancing Revelation
Let Loose Into That Good Mourning
The Reflection
Deny Fascination
The Only One Left
Die As One
Entertainments Subsume Concern
Head Up Get Out
The Dead Channel

Cognitive Dissonance

Down-and-dirty, dark retro-futuristic music - Veil of Thorns cover Every Veil of Thorns song so far contain lyrics in the form of dreamlike fragments making one continuous tale. Cognitive Dissonance brings some of the underlying structure into focus. While they wove their tale they listened to the stories of others. In the spirit of our times they collected many apocalyptic tales. Ragnarok, Armageddon, the end of one life and the beginning of another forms one side of this archetypal narrative. Tales of the death of the ego, of the body, the breaking down of a belief offer a more insightful view.

Coming off collaborations with Gaia-conscious Industrial cabal subQtaneous and Norwegian post Blackmetal band Manes, Williams took the experience of working with such gifted and unique artists and has re-emerged with a stronger and darker vision. Lyrically encompassing two universes and two realities, this tight and spare album ends up being more expansive an experience than anything Veil of Thorns has released before.

Cognitive Dissonance CD $10.00 + S&H
Cognitive Dissonance marked a return to the classic style of classic Veil of Thorns. People found they could dance to it, but it required having been trained by Martha Graham or Twyla Tharp. Online and college radio picked up some tracks, a couple put the entire album into rotation. As P. Emerson Williams has been putting the finishing touches on the kkoagulaa debut, "Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgi" he is well into the writing process for the next Veil of Thorns release.

"...pushes the envelope, shakes up the status quo, and demands attention." -Gothic Beauty
"This is their most stylish work, but some of the thorns have an extra edge." -Mick Mercer
"This is where Rozz Williams and Marilyn Manson merge in an Event Horizon singularity." -Corazine
"...they brew up a dust storm of tight-but-loose guitar riffs and driving, nervy, drums...half way between a lament and a threat." -Uncle Nemesis


A Weirdness Less Expressed
The Enigmatic Rarely Atone
Fallacy Decides Initiative
Delusions of Excitement
Surgically Dream-Like
Languishing in the Rusting Valley
Corrode and Engulf
Night Access Hallucination
Anomalous Breaks
Cognitive Dissonance

Manifestation Objective
CD - $10.00 + S&H

This was out a few years ago but has now reappeared in a mini-slew of recent releases, highlighting the more accessible area of their shady swamplike sound, for when not disturbing Veil Of Thorns can always offer the generally disturbed.
‘Reproach (Full Of Hope)’ is essentially groaning rock pulling at its own restraints, stretchy, floaty and melodic to the point of being sensitive.
‘My Inner Sanctum’ gets the bovine bass swinging, and with a nimble rhythm and delicate vocals it’s positively catchy in its ghostly silkiness.
‘Exaltation In Ascendancy’ is a slurry or agitated, urgent muted mutant rock and ‘Worship Of Disclosure’ consistently devious in its dipping rhythmical demeanour, with the vocals unusually sparse and lilting. Furtive, light guitar scurries beautifully in the hydraulic ‘Manifestation Objective’ which always threatens to go into freefall.
‘Draw In, Wind Down’ is a dyed-in-the-wool dying dawdle, ‘Dream Shadow’ preferring a blipverting Goth-psyche tangle, agony and ecstasy kicked under the table and left to fight it out. ‘Can’t Stop Laughing (The Beauty Of Drowning)’ gets to its knees threatening to be ‘Goldfinger’ but soon starts to snake around having a gloomy seizure but some spectacularly tingly guitar hauls it up by pointy bootstraps. ‘Undergrowth Silent With Want.’ works as an inflated sort of drone and by the time it’s finished you’re stuck in its addled groove, and the petite circles creating ‘Fated, Cascading, Submerged’ also snag you easily, being a thin veneer of a psychedelia, smeared with rock sighs. Then ‘Extend Inward, Breathe Out’ bewilders, crashing in like an alternate Portishead ending, but slowly disintegrating into ‘The Gathering World Withdrew Its Fury’ which lumbers off bleary, slowly, sore of head and heavy of heart,
Plenty here. -Mick Mercer

Reproach (Full of Hope)
My Inner Sanctum
Exaltation in Ascendancy
Worship of Disclosure
Manifestation Objective
Draw In, Wind Down
Dream Shadow
Can€™t stop Laughing (The Beauty of Drowning)
Extend Inward, Breathe Out
Undergrowth Silent with Want
Fated, Cascading; Submerged
The Gathering World Withdrew Its Fury


Birthed CD $10.00 + S&H
Within the tracks on "Birthed", a CD by Veil Of Thorns, you can hear parallels to industrial bands such as Pig, Razed in Black and Nine Inch Nails and, more often than not, you can hear the pure creativity of P. Emerson Williams. Anything created by this man, the brain behind Choronzon (black metal tinged with experimental, ambient and industrial edges) , you would expect to be eclectic and creative. It's his trademark. Herein you'll encounter thick, pummeling, distorted spears of electro/guitar industrial, D&B, goth, dirgey slow industrial moodiness, etc., etc., etc., etc., in fact, etcetera ad infinitum. What's persistent in Williams' smooth, creative and original fusion of various elements is the sustained tone and mood, like that of a soul resigned to nihilistic fate. None of Emerson's creations are quite like anything else, even when you're hearing touches of something else in there. His fierce originality score another point for the underground.

Review by: Kristofer Upjohn,


Starry Skies
Falling to Earth
Raining Down
In Your Goodness
We Are

Cafe Flesh

Cafe Flesh CD $10.00 +S&H
A collection of tracks from the second lineup. Some of these were reworked versions of tracks from “Legemet og Stemmen” but most were new. The original intention was to use this as a demo for Misanthropy Records who had offered the band a deal, but Misanthropy dissolved just after they received the demo.

Having played this material extensively in clubs, the performances were the most solid to date. New songs like “Demons Play”, She and Mine show Veil of Thorns as a versatile, powerful but graceful machine.


P. Emerson Williams - Guitar, Vocals, bass, keyboards
Chris McClain - bass, keyboards, programming
Ruddy Bitch - Drums


Lust Beyond Flesh
Demons Play
Nothing Is Real
Bring the End
Silence (A Fable) 98
Legemet og Stemmen

Live: on Bats in the Belfry 1994

Live: on Bats in the Belfry 1994 CD $10.00 + S&H
1994 Veil of Thorns (mostly) accoustic performance on the Bats In The Belfry show on WMBR in Cambridge, MA.


P. Emerson Williams - Vocals, Guitar, Cello
Christopher McClain - Bass, Guitar
Ruddy Bitch - Drums


Lust Beyond Flesh
Dream Shadow
Legemet og Stemmen
My Inner Sanctum
Forever Longing
Utopia & Interview

Sourced from a reference tape recorded at the station. Some glitches and noise were minimized to the extent possible.

Lust Beyond Flesh b/w Utopia 7" EP $10.00 + S&H
Lust Beyond Flesh 7" EP


Lust Beyond Flesh

Legemet Og Stemmen

Legemet Og Stemmen CD $10.00 + S&H
We figured a new remaster needed a new cover, and this captures the mood at the time of recording. Silence (A Fable), the opening track came together quickly. I had brought my new cello home and found a notice that Bright Green Records were seeking artists for the Dream Within A Dream compilation, tracks dedicated to and inspired by the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. I had to give it a go, for Poe has been a major inspiration for me since I was very young. I was also psyched to try out the cello, an instrument I had never played before. A half hour after getting through the door the track was written, and in the next hour it was recorded and mixed down, with the master packed and addressed to be sent out. It was the concluding track on a very cool, diverse and dark compilation and was the first time Veil of Thorns music was on CD.

Last on the Dream Within A Dream compilation and the opening track on Legemet og Stemmen, which was the third early cassette release. What you can hear below was digitally remastered from the original master tape. This release shows a transition period between the first and second lineups with me playing every instrument. There is more emphasis on keyboards, more sonic experimentation in the electronic percussion and my first raw cello and violin parts.

Veil of Thorns-LEGEMET og STEMMEN
Excellent gothic music. Quite ghoulish vocals, good production, weird and somewhat majestic. Just check it out to see what I mean.
Review - Lucifera - Endemoniada Magazine

P. Emerson Williams - Guitar, Vocals, bass, keyboards
Ruddy Bitch - Drums

Check it below:

Dead God

Dead God CD $10.00 + S&H
Opening proceedings on this one is a perky pop confection that will probably catch those who have been with us for a while off guard. Dead God consists mainly of a cassette rip of the third Veil of Thorns demo from 1992 that was never released. This opening track shows one immediately what a rock solid bass Cathy Chenoweth delivered in recordings and live. Here appears the many splendored pounding from Ruddy Bitch the Younger for the first time. That Emerson guy, well he moans and wails, on guitar he flails over hill and dale... Final track features a thunderous low-end bass apocalypsis brought by Christopher McClain.

Torrenters, and there have been many of you for these tracks, will notice there's a close match between Dead God and a release called The End of the Beginning. I figured I'd give this one one last go at cleanup on the sound and add in a couple tracks from The Dead God Sessions from the second lineup that aren't alternate versions of tracks from Cafe Flesh. I the result is a more solid experience, though still undeniably lo-fi and different from all other Veil of Thorns offerings.

Few people heard The End of the Beginning this at the time and none heard The Dead God Sessions outside the inner circle and Tiziana from Misanthropy Records. Raw recordings from rehearsal and pre production demos for the debut Veil of Thorns album in 1995. The Dead God Sessions tracks were recorded live in a single take in most cases, using two mikes, placed at either end of a 30’x30’ rehearsal room in Boston. The analog recording was extremely hot, so little compression or noise reduction was done.

Within days of the conclusion of the End of the Beginning recording sessions, Jarrett was gone and Cathy was on her way to New York. Christopher (Dogface) McClain was to step in and Veil of Thorns would start showing a new focus. McClain brought with him a massive bass rig that could raze small towns. In performing the title track live I would stick my head and microphone right in the speaker of the bass cabinet to add that overload of volume to the screaming at the end. Good times.

Already the vocals were less operatic, and there is even a hint of pop songwriting, something that was not to be revisited until much later on Birthed.

-P. Emerson Williams

Have a listen:

The Dead God Sessions

Raw recordings from rehearsal and pre production demos for the debut Veil of Thorns album in 1995. These recordings are different from the ones that made their way to the Cafe Flesh album, and some have not been heard, except played live at concerts.

These tracks were recorded live in a single take in most cases, using two mikes, placed at either end of a 30’x30’ rehearsal room in Boston. The analog recording was extremely hot, so little compression or noise reduction was done.


Nothing Is Real
Silence (A Fable)
Legemet og Stemmen
Bring the End
Dead God
Demons Play

The End of the Beginning

Few people heard this at the time. Within days of the conclusion of the recording sessions, Jarrett was gone and Cathy was on her way to New York with the two previous masters, all Veil of Thorns related artwork and a few rough demos in her bags. Christopher (Dogface) McClain was to step in and Veil of Thorns would start showing a new focus.

Already the vocals were less operatic, and there is even a hint of pop songwriting, something that was not to be revisited until much later on Birthed.


P. Emerson Williams - Guitar, Vocals
Jarrett Laitinen - Guitar
Catherine Chenoweth - Bass
Ruddy Bitch - Drums

Live: Halloween WMFO 1992

Live: Halloween WMFO 1992 $10.00 + S&H
Sourced from a reference tape recorded at the station. Some glitches and noise were minimized to the extent possible.

 Veil of Thorns radio appearance a stormy night, Halloween, 1992 on Tufts college free-form radio. This was the second time the band played live on Bazooka Joe’s WMFO radio show. On second guitar the band borrowed Dave, the guitarist from Chuck.

This is the lineup:

P. Emerson Williams - Vocals,
guitar Dave (From the Boston funk rock band Chuck) - Guitar
Catherine Chenoweth - Bass
Ruddy Bitch - Drums

Sourced from a reference tape recorded at the station. Some glitches and noise were minimized to the extent possible


The End of the Beginning
Sanctify (Drowning)
Souls In Flight

Live: WMFO 1991

Live: WMFO 1991 $10.00 + S&H
Veil of Thorns first radio appearance one dark Saturday night on Tufts college free-form radio. The second guitarist was Jarrett Laitinen, who I recently learned died of a heroin overdose in 2004. In his final year he lost his father and stepmother in fucked up circumstances. I wish I had recordings that could give a good example of what an otherworldly amazing guitarist Jarrett was. He was the second guitarist on the first two Veil of Thorns demos from 1991 and 1992 respectively.

This is the original lineup:

P. Emerson Williams - Vocals, guitar
Jarrett Laitinen - Guitar
Catherine Chenoweth - Bass
Ruddy Bitch - Drums


Left Behind
Flames Caress
She (Poison Dance)
Dead God (Healing Dance)
Back To the Sun
The End of the Beginning
First Dissolution

Study In Decay


P. Emerson Williams - Guitar, Vocals
Jarrett Laitinen - Guitar
Catherine Chenoweth - Bass
Ruddy Bitch - Drums


Study In Decay
You'll Never Know

Debut CD $10.00 + S&H


The debut demo from Veil of thorns, recorded in 1991 on primitive equipment in a basement rehearsal complex in Boston. Instrumental tracks were recorded all at once on two tracks using two ribbon mikes and a direct line for Ruddy Bitch, leaving the other two for vocals and a couple additional guitars.

The noise of other bands can be heard at quiet moments.


P. Emerson Williams - Guitar, Vocals
Jarrett Laitinen - Guitar
Catherine Chenoweth - Bass
Ruddy Bitch - Drums


Tear the Cities Down
Sanctify (Drowning)
No Claim
Dreamshadow (Falling)
Re-Creating Space-Time
Crimson Smile

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