Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FoolishPeople WeaponizedCast – Episode One: Love

WeaponizedCast One: Love

Dedicated to the ability and courage to live completely open, our most sensitive parts exposed. Confessions told in the midst of a crowd, desire writ large, and even regret is savoured as the flavour of life itself. FoolishPeople bring you our inaugural podcast episode. We stand uncovered in sound and art, beginning with the theme central to all human potentiality: Love

Announcing new Alterati podcast series: FoolishPeople WeaponizedCast - Episode One: Love

FoolishPeople are proud to call Alterati.com home for this new series. new episodes shall appear monthly.

FoolishPeople WeaponizedCast – Episode One: Love

Friday, January 22, 2010

The GSpot: P. Emerson Williams

Joseph Matheny in conversation with P. Emerson Williams and a new episode of In Your Ear, in which Psuke reviews Transpondency.


P. Emerson Williams is a visionary artist and illustrator, whose work has been displayed in galleries and events in Norway, Scotland, Boston, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Florida and London. His illustrations have also appeared in countless publications, as the artist in residence at Ghastly magazine and as the illustrator for many other Goth and occult publications from California to Virginia, and Lithuania, England and Finland to Colombia, as well as covers for sevel titles from Original Falcon and Leilah Wendell’s book «Necromance». His art can be seen on the front cover of SLEEPCHAMBER’S return to action release “Socery, Spellls, and Serpent Charms”, as well as the Zewizz tribute releases “That’s Romance” (both part 1 and 2). He is a core member of FoolishPeople starting from London productions of Cirxus and The Abattoir Pages and continuing with the forthcoming A Red Threatening Sky on other projects in the works.

Williams’ experimental Gothic.Industrial act VEIL OF THORNS is approaching the twenty year mark in their career, and they continue to build on an ever expanding palette with «salon Apocalypse» and «Necrofuturist». Veil Of Thorns began as a Goth band in the early 90’s club scene in Boston but steadily moved toward a more eclectic sound. Not afraid to use any influence – you will hear styling’s of goth, hip hop, industrial, classical, and just about the whole kitchen sink. In 2009, VEIL OF THORNS formed a creative alliance with Inner-X-Musick, the label and music distributor run by the infamous John Zewizz of SLEEPCHAMBER fame.

Coming to fruition in 2010 are two releases from CHORONZON, P. Emerson Williams’ chaotic project whose twin roots lie in industrial and black metal music. CHORONZON, began as two separate and entirely unrelated projects with the same name: the eastern half was a Boston/Florida based black metal-styled band formed in 1986 by P. Emerson Williams, while its western counterpart was the San Francisco old school industrial project of Demimonde Mesila Thraam. In 2002, the two respective CHORONZONs became aware of each other via the internet, and agreed to share use of the name, before going still further and collaborating musically.

Prior to the merging of CHORONZONs, the East Coast CHORONZON released of a series of self produced cassettes before being signed to the record label Nocturnal Art Productions in 1998, and released the album «Magog Agog». Three more albums followed, in which the sound moved further away from conventional black metal into industrial and experimental territories. The first release from the conjoined CHORONZON was the double album New World Chaos, produced in 2005.

If that is not enough, P. Emerson Williams has more bubbling under the surface. Keep an eye out for renewed and exponential activity from kkoagulaa and Mythos Media in the coming year and the move of Necrofuturist {TRANS}_Mission, his radio show on Radio Nightbreed from web streaming to Sirius/XM sattelite radio.



Listen to or download show below



Friday, January 8, 2010

'A Red Threatening Sky' will now feature a collaboration with Space Engineering

'A Red Threatening Sky' will now feature a collaboration with Space Engineering

FoolishPeople are proud to announce a first-time collaboration with Space Engineering for their upcoming project in the subterranean landscape of the Old Abattoir.
A Red Threatening Sky will now feature unique choreography by Johan Stjernholm. Space Engineering is an experimental dance company on the crossroads between art and science, bringing together exciting artists and cutting edge research on the body and movement. You can view more of their work at: www.SpaceEngineering.org We will be announcing other artists who will be involved in the event over the coming weeks. Discounted tickets are available now if you purchase on-line at: www.ClubAethereus.com

'A Red Threatening Sky' will now feature a collaboration with Space Engineering
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