Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Veil of Thorns feat. Jarboe - Sun Falling

Veil of Thorns are proud to unveil a three part sound experiment in collaboration with Jarboe. With Sun Falling , Veil of Thorns open up a new realm of their Necrofuturist art.

Sun falling, tides rising to meet it and glaciers recoiling and withdrawing between them. The dead zones begin to boil. We have had years to watch it coming, narrowing our consciousness to carry on without having to acknowledge it.

We breathe in the thickening, increasingly hot air, our last before we need to exchange currency for each inhalation and a tax for each exhalation. One additional breath may be stolen as the extensive structures built with such industriousness and passion melt and burn, terminating in a laugh greeting a return to the stars from whose dust we were formed.

Sun Falling is a journey of vision across the globe for one last time, finally to return home to celebrate the life that happened while casting an inward gaze deep into the unknown. Everything passes, even planets and solar systems, and anything that manages to emerge and evolve for any amount of time is a miracle.

released June 7, 2015

P. Emerson Williams – guitars, Bass, Vocals, Sound Design

Jarboe – Vocals, Sound Design

Pandora – Drums, Percussion

About Veil of Thorns

Veil of Thorns is an ever evolving concept born of the fevered brain of P. Emerson Williams. Among the growing list of

collaborators one can find authors, actors and musicians of many genres, reflecting the scope of what P. Emerson

Williams calls Necrofuturist art.

About Jarboe

Jarboe draws from a variety of sources: childhood in the Mississippi delta, New Orleans street life and Mardi Gras,

NYC’s east village during the post no-wave scene, university studies in literature and theatre, a personal history of

recordings, collaborations, performance (clubs, theaters, art galleries, cathedrals, festivals, live radio, television, film).

Jarboe’s voice and music can be at turns both playful and vitriolic – in melodic as well as experimental compositions.

Over the course of her life through efforts in both past and present disciplines, Jarboe journeys towards rebuilding /

reinventing identity and exploring the elemental structures of persona.
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