Thursday, September 24, 2020

Jarboe special - Swans & World of Skin

Jarboe special - Swans & World of Skin

 Jarboe special - Swans & World of Skin - in conversation with David Eastaugh

Between 1985 and 1996, she worked as a vocalist and keyboardist in the band, appearing on albums including Children of God (1987), The Burning World (1989), and Soundtracks for the Blind (1996). Jarboe's inclusion in the band marked a departure from their previous noise rock sound to a more melodic industrial and even folk rock sound. She also collaborated with Gira, forming their side project, The World of Skin in 1987, releasing several albums and singles.

Jarboe left Swans in 1997 when the band broke up and embarked on a solo career, releasing various experimental records (many of which she has self-released and distributed over the internet)[10] including Sacrificial Cake (1995) and Anhedoniac (1998). She has continued to self-release solo albums and, despite not returning to the group, recorded vocals for two tracks on the re-formed Swans' album, The Seer (2012).

Jarboe completed a world tour in the autumn/winter of 2013, with Veil of Thorns' P. Emerson Williams on guitar. She released an experimental soundscape album, With Sun Falling, with Veil of Thorns in June 2015.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Cyberpunk Playlist (Post Punk, Dark Wave and Witch House)

 Many, many thanks to Raul Alvarez for adding the Veil Of Thorns track Dreams Name You to The Cyberpunk Playlist (Post Punk, Dark Wave and Witch House)!!! 7+ hours of necrofuturist grooves & shadowy moods. Check it out!

Click here to listen

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