Monday, April 6, 2009


Some strange writing and art will be uploaded to this online reader as we go along. I wouldn't dare tell you the experiences that lay behind the cleansing that was the writing here. I may bring the Panic Pandemic book here for all to see for free, depending on either having time to spare, (not likely), or finding an automatic way of flattening layers into one in pdf files.

The words and much of the art are inextricably linked to the creation of the Birthed album. I wonder how many would feel like dancing after listening and reading at the same time...


  1. I LOVE the book. Technology just keeps getting cooler and cooler. So many possibilities... remember the lyric book. Why not something like that online?

    Not to sound like John Mayer, but your blog is a wonderland.

  2. I still have the original doc for the book. I'm considering expanding it with all the lyrics from Veil of Thorns from the debut through Cognitive Dissonance and more art. Add to that all the writing that was done surrounding the creation of Cognitive Dissonance, and it'll be a fairly hefty book.

    There's much more to come over here.


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