Friday, April 10, 2009

Music For Driving At Night

Nobody asked me to, but I haven't thrown out a random music podcast in a while, so I thought a little something for this fine evening might be aiight.

This is a collection of some of the music I have composed thus far in 2008. Everything in this podcast was created for the audiobook of Fallen Nation which is being podcast on

In coming up with soundtrack music, I work in a wide array of styles, which is extremely rewarding, creatively. What the narrative calls for takes me outside my habitual sonic territory and forces me to rethink my approach every time.

I'd like to know what y'all think about this little cross section. It's a small amount of recent work, but an eight hour file is a lot to ask any one to listen to.

New Veil of Thorns album is well on its way and big plans. More on that later.

p_emerson_2008_mix.mp32008-Jan-27 02:54:5351.3Maudio/mpeg
p_emerson_2008_mix.ogg2008-Jan-27 03:01:5045.2Mapplication/ogg
p_emerson_2008_mix_64kb.mp32008-Jan-27 02:58:3525.6Maudio/mpeg


  1. currently listening to it... it grooves, it twists, it turns, my head is spinning.

  2. You are very kind. I have many hours of material I shall be selecting from for the next Veil of Thorns release or two, and some of those may have a bit of this groovingness about them.


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