Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Public Service Announcement - Kill Your Godz

Thee(Incomparable)BradMiller is up to something new, something very, very exciting, something you need, we need:

Let’s change how artists are discovered. Let’s change how we find our musick. If you want to be involved… write me at


It is time for a revolution. Are you on board. Sure, the Industrial Godfathers are entertaining… but wouldn’t you want to be a GOD? Don’t you think YOU should be a GOD?

April 1st through the 4th will show all the talent that it is out there. On the 4 Because God Told Me To Do It FREEDOWNLOAD releases you will hear the beginning of a REVOLUTION.

June 1st will see the realization of part two of this process. Rethinking/Remaking/Retooling SLEEPCHAMBER classics, by artists of today. Will you be there?

No longer will you need to spend your money on over priced CD’s by artists who are living on WHAT THEY USE TO BE! Musick is meant to be shared. Become a legend. Become FREE. Become a GODZ.

more to come….

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