Tuesday, May 3, 2005

2005-03-12 19:55:00
2005-03-13 01:52:14
Foamin' Sodomy Records And The Mad Russian
Well, I finally finished mixing the music for the CD part of Panic Pandemic. Now I'll just need to clear the hard drive to work on the enormous image files and continue to edit the book. The final file will be enormous. I continue to work in faith, as I observe the fact that the Urchin Inc. site continues to remain nothing but a splash page. I recently had a conversation with Voland of the Russian band Carnage about the next step for Foamin' Sodomy Records. It had been years since we'd actually spoken. He's a truly dark individual, and a real life mad scientist. We'll soon have the new site up with CDs from Choronzon, Carnage and Storming Darkness, as well as other appropriate occultural artifacts. We'll be actively seeking interesting occult soundworks to release.
John Cage- Music Of Changes

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