Tuesday, May 3, 2005

2005-02-12 19:28:00
2005-02-13 01:36:37
Lord Of Dispersion
This journal is bound to be ignored for days at a time. I've been swamped with low-profit, though high interest endeavours and happily spending twelve plus hours a day painting and working on "Panic Pandemic". In the back of my mind is the next book after that and chaotic rumblings of Choronzon. New posters have been added to Foamin' Bone Productions in anticipation of the launch of Urchin Inc. I spent most of the week painting mythic horses for a gallery that emailed me from my gallery page and called me shortly thereafter to invite me to participate in their opening show and sign a deal for exclusive representation in Central Florida. Might as well achieve something before we hit the road as hoboes without so much as a van to live in.


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