Sunday, November 27, 2011

Veil of Thorns - Faith

Video for the song "Faith", from the album "Birthed".

The album marked a transformation that formed a creative arc that completed with the release of "Necrofuturist". This release marked a new approach for Veil of Thorns, laying a foundation that we are building on to this day.

Within the tracks on "Birthed", a CD by Veil Of Thorns, you can hear parallels to industrial bands such as Pig, Razed in Black and Nine Inch Nails and, more often than not, you can hear the pure creativity of P. Emerson Williams. Anything created by this man, the brain behind Choronzon (black metal tinged with experimental, ambient and industrial edges) , you would expect to be eclectic and creative. It's his trademark. Herein you'll encounter thick, pummeling, distorted spears of electro/guitar industrial, D&B, goth, dirgey slow industrial moodiness, etc., etc., etc., etc., in fact, etcetera ad infinitum. What's persistent in Williams' smooth, creative and original fusion of various elements is the sustained tone and mood, like that of a soul resigned to nihilistic fate. None of Emerson's creations are quite like anything else, even when you're hearing touches of something else in there. His fierce originality score another point for the underground.
Review by: Kristofer Upjohn,

1 Starry Skies 4:33
2 Falling To Earth 4:01
3 Raining Down 4:35
4 bleedingacidcasualty 5:44
5 Enshroud 5:03
6 sanctify 3:39
7 Faith 3:32
8 Souls 3:54
9 In Your Goodness 6:32
10 Birthed 4:41
11 We Are 4:29

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